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Weight Loss Plateau

How To Climb Across The Weight Loss Plateau?

Every human being encounters the weight loss plateau at some point or other during his or her life. Knowing the best ways to surmount such weight loss plateau is therefore important. Hardly a person can be found who has not encountered the weight loss plateau in his life at some point or other. This is one of the fitness lives that most of the people suffer in life.

The human body works really hard to maintain the energy intakes as well as the output in balance. Simply speaking the body hates losing weight. Thus when you take up some weight loss endeavor, after some initial weight loss the body will no more lose any weight.

Gradually your progress will slow down and finally, it will stop despite your consistent following of exercises and dietary practices. To sum up however hard you try the process will slow down and finally stop and you do not lose weight anymore. You may be facing some problems in the process.

The first problem would be that you might be lowering your calories too much. This is never good for your health. You require calories for burning calories. Decreasing food intake will only lower down the metabolic rate in response. While the body still functions properly, your body will require fewer calories that create an appetite and prevents your weight loss program. Virtually it means you have reached the weight loss plateau and you have to overcome it.

Taking lower intake will create more hunger for you and that will prevent you from losing fat. Ideal solution for you would be to keep your calories slightly below the maintenance calories that you require. It will keep your energy level as well as the metabolism quite high.

Remember if the calorie deficit reaches 500-700 calories, it will make the maintenance of your body mass to the required level. If you wish to determine the approximate daily requirements of your body in terms of calories you can use the formula of multiplying the body weight by 24 for male and by 23 for female.

That means when the body weight is 70 Kg the calories required to maintain the body mass will be 70 X 24= 1680 calories for real weight loss endeavor. Conversely, you can calculate the basal metabolic rate to determine the number of calories you require to function.

You can also use the calorie calculator. This will enable you to know the calories you add during the process and lose through exercises. You encounter the true weight loss plateau when the body stops fat burning process though you are always following the ideal combination of diet and exercise.

At the point, the body stops losing more weight and will stop the fat burning process all of a sudden. To break the weight loss plateau you will have to follow a few basic principles. One of them will be modifying your workout routines. The movements that you are taking up quite long might have been mastered by your body and in result body no more burns the fat with those movements anymore. At the same time, you have also had to concentrate on the diet.

Cutting on carbohydrate intake as much as possible would be better for you. The bottom line of it is that you have to change the exercises periodically and at the same time you must also increase the multigrain food.

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